Muddy hands and dirty words, that’s what I like. I’ve always been a maker of sorts but it’s pottery that really grabbed and kept my attention. Growing up, I was also a bit of a science nerd. Crafting my own glazes in my basement studio laboratory has rekindled my excitement about chemistry and helps me create things that are truly one of a kind. I am enamoured by the texture and temperamental nature of the porcelain I use. My work is inspired by over 20 years of working in corrections and exposure to some very colourful language. The juxtaposition of ‘bad’ words, and pretty things in fresh colours resonates with me. Seeing people’s faces as they realize what they’re reading on my wares is always a treat. I do, of course, make some things that are suitable for polite company. Ceramics, for me,  is an outlet for my creativity and an opportunity for sharing a little bit of myself and my life experiences with others.

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