Karen moved to Thunder Bay as a young adult and fell in love with the beauty of the region’s landscape. Embracing the many “moods” of Lake Superior; the splendour of water, sky, rock, forest, colours, and seasons, she actively explores nature’s beauty throughout the year by hiking, canoeing, camping, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Karen began expressing her inspirations from nature through ceramic artwork a few years ago, after being introduced to the steps and stages of creating pottery. Instantly passionate about this process she dove in with both hands; muddy messy, happy hands. Karen meticulously forms artistic, yet functional, vessels. These pieces are unique, comfortable and appealing to use throughout your day. Karen chooses glazes which resonate with the colours of Lake Superior and the Canadian Shield to reflect the inspiration for her artwork. Layered glazes add depth and richness to the already beautiful form of Karen’s creations. In small batches, she crafts each piece with intentional care and attention to detail. Using paintbrush, carving tools and clay slip she embellishes pieces to reflect individual interests.

The unity of artistry and function make Karen’s pottery a lifelong cherished possession or treasured gift.

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Karen Long Phire Pottery - Mugs Karen Long Phire Pottery - Mugs